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Cran-B-Cue™ for Poultry Dishes

Cran-B-Cue™ for Poultry Dishes

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Cran-B-Cue™ Sauce: Elevating Poultry Dishes with a Cranberry Twist

Attention all food aficionados! It's time to elevate your restaurant's poultry dishes with the delightful and unique flavors of Croix Valley Cran-B-Cue™ Sauce. This cranberry-infused BBQ sauce brings a perfect blend of sweet cranberries and smoky BBQ goodness, making it an ideal companion for your poultry creations. Let's embark on a culinary adventure with seven unique and elevated poultry dishes that harmoniously pair with the tangy allure of cranberries:

  1. Cran-B-Cue™ Glazed Turkey Breast

    • Roast succulent turkey breast to perfection and baste with a luscious layer of Cran-B-Cue™ Sauce for a mouthwatering twist.
  2. Cran-B-Cue™ Chicken Satay

    • Marinate tender chicken strips in Cran-B-Cue™ Sauce and skewer them for a delightful and tangy appetizer.
  3. Cran-B-Cue™ Duck Confit

    • Slow-cook duck legs in their own fat until tender, then brush them with Cran-B-Cue™ Sauce before a final roasting for a unique flavor profile.
  4. Cran-B-Cue™ BBQ Chicken Pizza

    • Top your pizza with BBQ chicken, red onions, and mozzarella, and finish with a drizzle of Cran-B-Cue™ Sauce for a zesty twist.
  5. Cran-B-Cue™ Cornish Game Hens

    • Roast Cornish game hens with a glaze of Cran-B-Cue™ Sauce, infusing them with a delightful cranberry aroma.
  6. Cran-B-Cue™ Chicken Salad

    • Toss grilled chicken with a medley of greens, cranberries, and pecans, dressed in a light Cran-B-Cue™ vinaigrette.
  7. Cran-B-Cue™ Cranberry BBQ Wings

    • Coat crispy chicken wings with a generous layer of Cran-B-Cue™ Sauce for a delightful balance of sweet and smoky flavors.

Let the Cran-B-Cue™ Sauce work its magic on your poultry dishes, adding a burst of unique and elevated flavors to each creation. From glazed turkey breast to zesty BBQ chicken pizza, each dish showcases the perfect harmony of cranberries and BBQ in every bite. Elevate your restaurant's poultry menu and impress your guests with these exquisite dishes that beautifully pair with the sweet and smoky allure of cranberry-infused BBQ sauce. Embrace the culinary adventure and let your patrons savor the delightful experience of these elevated poultry delights.


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