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Croix Valley Honey Dijon Barbecue 'N Brat Sauce Gallon

Ingredients: Mustard (Distilled Vinegar, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, spices), Natural Tomato Concentrate (tomato, sugar, vinegar, spice, onion), Dijon Mustard (water, mustard seed, vinegar, salt, sugar, citric acid, spices), honey, water, vinegar, onion, garlic, spices, natural flavors.

  • Vegetarian

Elevate your culinary offerings with our Croix Valley Honey Dijon Barbecue 'N Brat Sauce, a versatile condiment that transcends its traditional bratwurst application.

This sauce combines the sweet, smooth taste of honey with the sharpness of Dijon mustard to create a unique flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to a variety of dishes. Imagine it as a glaze for your roast chicken, adding a sweet and tangy edge that lingers on the palate. Consider it as an innovative dip for your appetizer platter, raising the bar for your starters. Use it to amp up your grilled vegetables, introducing a distinctive taste that makes them truly stand out. Or envision it paired with a juicy steak, complementing its flavors in a truly unforgettable manner. Croix Valley's Honey Dijon Barbecue 'N Brat Sauce adds more than a condiment to your menu; you're offering a fresh, innovative taste experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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