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Croix Valley Original Steak Sauce & Marinade Gallon

Ingredients: Natural Tomato Concentrate (tomato, sugar, vinegar, spice, onion), Organic Tapioca Syrup, Vinegar, Water, Granulated Onion, Spices, Natural Flavors.

  • Vegan

Restaurant owners - don't miss out on our legendary Croix Valley Original Steak Sauce, a culinary gem that began its journey in our family's steakhouse. This impeccable blend of tomatoes, onions, and our secret spices presents an exquisite balance of sweet and spicy, perfect for steaks and beyond. Whether as a marinade, condiment, or magic touch in diverse recipes, it consistently delivers unforgettable flavor. From burgers to pork, chicken, and more, let this sauce elevate your dishes and offer patrons a taste adventure they'll rave about. Ensure your menu boasts this iconic sauce, and watch the rave reviews pour in!

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