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Croix Valley Garlic Pepper Seasoning & Rub (24oz.)


Croix Valley Garlic Pepper Seasoning & Rub is the ultimate choice for chefs aiming to elevate their culinary creations. This versatile and robust blend of garlic and pepper is meticulously crafted to enhance the flavors of all proteins, vegetables, and dishes. Perfect for every stage of the cooking process, whether you're marinating, grilling, roasting, or adding a final touch before serving.

This seasoning not only enhances taste but also adds a delightful aroma, making it an indispensable ingredient in any professional kitchen. Impress your guests with the rich, savory flavors that Croix Valley Garlic Pepper Seasoning & Rub brings to your meals. Ideal for restaurants looking to add a gourmet touch to their offerings, this blend promises to transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary experiences.

View the Croix Valley Food Service Spec Sheets online.

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